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Room 5 - Mr. Foley & Rose

A very big welcome back to everyone in Room 5. It's lovely to see some old faces and even nicer to see some new faces. We have been working really hard since September and have been extremely busy since school has started. 

We have been very busy with our Green Schools initiative and have been accepted to take part in the Picker Pals Project to help clean up our school grounds and at home too.


Picker Pals


As part of our Green Schools Programme, we also met the Mayor Cllr. David FitzGerald who talked to us about his plan for a Carbon Neutral Kilkenny and how we can all make 'greener' choices.

Carbon Neutral

We are putting all of our learning into practise with Theresa who is helping us to achieve our School Self Evaluation (SSE) target in Science about learning more about the importance of 'Our Environment' and waste management in our school. We really enjoy learning about horticulture and are kept very busy by Theresa.




We are also learning to collaborate, co-operate and use our positive social skills with others during our Art classes.


We are also keeping very active during our PE Lessons and are still keeing up our 'Daily Mile' walks which helped us earn our Active Flag for our schoool.


We are also busy at Cookery, where we come up with lots of ideas of nice food to eat. Rose is always kept very busy. On this day we had curry noodles. We had so many, we invited our friends to join us. They were so nice. Thanks Rose. 

Cookery Curry

We wrote the instructions for you to make your own at home too!

Noodle Instructions

We also love making juice from our left over fruit! We're very 'Green' in Room 5!


We have been busy learning about everyone's birthdays too! Here's our display.



Finally here we all are back in our classroom working hard. We are so busy that we don't have the time to look up!

Working Hard

We hope to put more pictures of our learning up as we progress through the year.

Best Wishes from all at Room 5 M.F.L.


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